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What We Do

At Prism Support Services, we offer Care Management Solutions to individuals and families assisting with some of life’s greatest challenges. Weather caring for an elderly parent or a special needs child, through our proprietary assessment we help develop an individualized support plan only for you. Services are then monitored to ensue they are being provided to meet your needs.

Who We Are

Prism Support Services is a company founded with a mission; making a positive difference in the live of those we serve. We work with our many clients through the various services we provide, helping them achieve their greatest potential. We promote a “can do” attitude knowing that everything is possible once you believe in yourself. We take the time to understand the uniqueness of all our clients, understanding what makes them different and special. Our staff is supportive and responsive to all our client’s needs.

Our Services

  • 1
    Elder Care Management
  • 2
    Special Needs Care Management
  • 3
    Hospital Discharge Services
  • 4
    Guidance and Counseling Services
  • 5
    Behavioral Help Services
  • 6
    Mental Health Services
  • 7
    Children Services
  • 8
    Consumer Advocacy (empowerment)
  • 9
    Service Referrals
    (links to the community)
  • 10
    Concierge Services
  • 11
    Home Health Care Services
  • 12
    Financial Assistance Services

Our Story

Prism Support Care Management Services was conceived from the need to service individuals who have little or no help in solving some of life stages greatest challenges. Whether it is caring for a parent, a child, a loved one, struggling with finances, recovering from a divorce or other circumstance, we can help.

Whatever the life challenge, give us an opportunity to help. Through Care Management, we simplify the process of identifying the problem and finding a solution. We assist singles, families and those with special medical needs.