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Support Coordination Across New Jersey

Prism Support Services was founded with a mission; making a positive difference in the lives to the individuals we serve through Support Coordination.

We promote a “can do” attitude knowing that everything is possible once you believe in yourself. We take the time to understand the uniqueness of all our clients, understanding what makes them different and special.

It is our pledge and promise to empower our clients while participating in the many Support Coordination Services within the community. Our Support Coordinators Strive to place your decisions first, placing the choice in your hands.

We will be a partner, providing the necessary education and support to remain independent within the community. Our Support Coordination Service revolves around your values, keeping them always front and center.

On our Resources page we have several Support Coordination related websites. We also provide a Support Coordination Monthly Newsletter that includes events in your community! Come join us to receive your monthly newsletter or give us a call to hear more about Support Coordination for you.